Upcycled designs

Upcycled clothing is gaining more and more supporters internationally. The focus is taking old, worn out or damaged materials and transforming them into beautiful brand new pieces. This approach is often referred to as repurposed clothing, reused clothing and recycled clothing, upcyled garments. We are so pleased that this is becoming increasingly popular in the contemporary fashion industry and we have the perfect brand for you... Cofur Denmark! They take vintage saree silk and transform them into the most wonderful and colourful designs.

There are many environmental benefits to wearing upcycled pieces. Upcycled clothing uses significantly fewer raw materials, reducing the harmful impacts of fashion production. Less water usage, fewer chemicals and carbon emissions and avoiding contributing to landfill, upcycled clothing exists in stark contrast to the likes of one-season pieces from fast fashion brands.

Let’s keep supporting upcycled fashion!


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