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We believe that we all have a bright future. This future will be built if we all do it together. Currently we are keeping physically distance but socially close and learning so much from the circumstances.

We are reevaluting what matters to us and the day-to-day worries have changed. Honestly, some things are just not worth worrying about and others need to dramatically rise in priority.

We spend all of our time prioritising tasks and responsibilities, and we were ignoring some things that are very important to our lives. Family, friends, “our” time, etc. We are now physically distant but we've spoken to so many family and friends just to see how they are, how they truly are and become socially closer.

We are interested in how businesses are putting their people first. Those who do, will receive our on-going support once we are through the other side. Their values match our values, we care. We care about people and we care about the bigger picture.

So next time we worry that the house needs a hoover, the children need a bath or the grass needs cutting, we stop, play, sing, dance and/or call someone we care about. Let's focus on life.

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