Try to leave the world a better place than when we arrived

Cofur is such a wonderful brand. The majority of their collection is made of repurposed silk sarees from India, - normally measuring approximately 5-6 meters, which can be used for one dress or one kimono. Simultaneously, this means that a large amount of waste has remained unused, which has created fertile ground for the development of new styles. Besides the beloved mix-print products, their accessory-collection has expanded with scarves, shopper bags, bracelets, hairbands, scrunchies, etc. Their zero-waste philosophy has provided an extra chance for sarees that have sustained injuries such as holes or stains from their previous lives. It is, however, not only their materials that are recycled. All packaging, including shipping boxes, bags, and wrapping, is made of FSC-certificated materials. Furthermore, with environmentally awareness in mind, they expect all suppliers to wrap products in recycled packaging as a must! And we do that at The Liberty Showroom!


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