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The Liberty Showroom

Cofur Danish Ethical Fashion Indian Liberty Liberty Showroom Saree silk Sustainable The Liberty Showroom Vintage

The Liberty Showroom is an ethical and sustainable retailer. Our mission is to provide socially conscious consumers with a selection of exciting and beautiful clothing that is produced ethically and sustainably.

We work with brands who believe they can make sustainability an imperative for future fashion. These brands are usually small, independent brands that are symbols of positive change because they love and care. They are unleashing progress that has purpose. If you shop with The Liberty Showroom, then it’s likely that you believe the same.

The Liberty Showroom is built on friendship. Our first brand was Cofur, a wonderful Danish fashion company that upcycled beautiful vintage saree silk. We came to know about them from a friend who visited us London and we thought other women would love it too. One evening we chatted about how people wanted to make a difference but finding sustainable fashion clothing was impossible or delivered by big brands where the majority of their designs were not sustainable at all. We shared a deep frustration that our friends and family heard ‘sacrifice’ or ‘worthiness’ as the main focus of sustainability rather than ‘fun’ and ‘beautiful’. We just knew there were more brands like Cofur in the world. So we decided to start The Liberty Showroom!

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