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You can’t pour from an empty cup.

That seems pretty obvious but do we do it?

It essentially means that we need to ake sure that we take care of ourselves.

Prioritising self-care and ensuring that it is a necessity rather than as an indulgence.

That’s because self-care is about self-preservation, not selfishness.

We’re so often brought up to believe otherwise – putting others’ needs before our own. That’s important, of course. No one should be selfish and only focus on themselves but we need to learn to recognise when we are crossing the line between caring so much for others we forget to care for ourselves.

When we forget to care for ourselves the tank begins to run low…and frankly, empties. And when it is completely empty, the damage can be hard to reverse.

So whatever your situation is, please make time, however, whenever, and wherever you can to replenish yourself.

We all have seemingly endless to-do lists. It often feels insurmountable, so why not think about what must be done today, and what can wait – and what doesn’t really have to be done when you think truly about it. Our priorities can sometimes get a bit skewed, and we can get distracted doing stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Let's spend more time on the things we love...reading, singing, running, watching tv... More time saying “no” (politely!).

But if you remember, (even sometimes if not all the time) can’t pour from an empty cup so make time to refill!

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