Cofur Danish Ethical Fashion Sustainable The Liberty Showroom

Known as the pink city for its rose-tinted walls, it is both romantic and majestic. Its rich history of dyeing, weaving and stitching the most beautiful fabric is well known however, when we think today of clothing “made in India”, it tends to be of mass-produced fast fashion and the sort of factory conditions which are uncomfortable to consider, much less endure. But that is not always the case. In fact, the country has an artisanal textile tradition that can be traced back to the third century, and which has inspired much of the way fabrics are woven, dyed and decorated today. India is incredible for artisans!

As soon as we saw Cofur Denmark's creations from vintage saree silk we loved everything about them. Their story and their focus on sustainability and ethical production is everything that we value at The Liberty Showroom. They work with artisans who use authentic, traditional fabric and craft skills. Giving new life to vintage feminine patterns such as kimonos, dresses, skirts and so much more.

It is easy to see why everyone who tries on a Cofur piece loves it - beautiful, authentic, sustainable and ethical. And all proudly “made in India”. 

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