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Have you seen the new campaign for DillySocks? It's brilliant! Photographed by Swiss photographer Jonathan Heyer, wearers of the eye-catching socks from Swiss start-up DillySocks have indisputably great taste - which is why we stock them!

The campaign humorously showed that it’s not always easy having a fabulous sense of style because the brightly coloured DillySocks stand out.

DillySocks was founded in 2013 in order to turn the world of feet on its head. Three friends who grew up together in Zurich and inspired by the colourful impressions from that journey, developed a vision of making the world’s daily accessories more colorful. They are stylish and fashionable, but also colourful and cheeky. Each pair is a step towards a more colourful world.

Every pair of DillySocks is lovingly made from organic cotton by a second generation family business in Portugal. DillySocks is a great story of family, friendship and a brand with an environmental purpose.

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