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In Pursuit of Magic are two female street artists on a crusade to elevate consciousness and amplify meaning in the world. They use spray paint and make the world a more magical place.

Have you ever randomly come across a message on a pavement or the side of a building spoke directly to you and made you smile – perhaps it's a message from the universe when our stars align...? When Betty Kay Kendrick and Chloe Crespi first met, they just knew they were going to do more. In fact, during their first meeting, the created “In Pursuit of Magic". This great idea flashed before them and the rest is whimsical, creative, deeply meaningful, collaborative history.

A global team of positivity vandals spreading magic, that started with a stencil and spray-painting messages in San Francisco and New York. Social media  loved it and photos began popping up everywhere. Their messages of positivity connect with us! We love it and want to be part of their movement!

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