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How To Wear A Maxi Skirt

We can never have too many maxi skirts, can we? There are so many ways of styling your maxi skirt, yet, when you look at a new style, it feels fresh.


Just tuck in your printed T-shirt and bump it up with a belt, peep toes or platform heels during spring and summers. You can match the outfit with boots if it’s autumn. Matched with an off shoulder lace top makes for a classy outfit. A chunky piece of jewellery or a string of pearls. Then there are maxi skirts made from vintage saree silk... A simple Cofur Denmark long skirt can be paired with a crop top, an off shoulder, a tank, to create a Bohemian style. Go with chunky pieces of oxidized silver jewelry to take it to the next level. Or, you could wear it with traditional tops made with silk material to make it work for special occasions. Women with just about any body type can wear these skirts. If you fall under the pear or apple shaped body type and have apprehensions, just drop it all and go with this maxi skirt style. You will look fabulous!

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