Cofur - Sustainable Fashion

Cofur The Liberty Showroom

Sustainability pioneers

The future must be sustainable! Or even better: Upcycled! And Cofur focus on sustainability within all processes in our their business. This applies to suppliers they collaborate with, materials they want to design with, and production methods they are use, as they know the importance of protecting our planet and creating a better tomorrow! This means that their design philosophy is characterised by a slow fashion approach towards fashion, where no compromises have been taken regarding quality, resources, and respect towards the changing world. They truly believe that timeless design and long-lasting materials must be the focal point for creating new collections as the versatility and lifespan are prolonged. This means when investing in a product from Cofur Denmark, you will not only prolong a beautiful story, but you will simultaneously invest in a product created with love, sustainability, and a passionate heart beating for our environment. 

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