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We have had so many questions about ethical and sustainable retail that we have decided to write a blog post.

We work in close partnership with our suppliers to create a pioneering e-tailer destination for people with a strong sense of responsible living. Through putting people at the heart of what we do, we want to create a sustainable place for brands to connect with customers and where we are challenged to always do better.

This is a journey for change. We embarked on this business as we knew that there was little or no regulation within the fashion industry regarding accountability for ethical and sustainable practices. Quite honestly, we find brands that have ticked every environmentally focused criteria but cannot provide a transparent supplier chain. Equally, we have found brands that have a very clear supplier chain but some of the environmental claims could be far stronger.

Our message is, this is a journey. This is a future wish that we are working hard to make come to life. We are transparent and welcome any questions on who we work with and why. Our mission is built on four areas:

1) Focus on fair trade

2) Limit the environmental impact

3) Will not test on animals

4) Use re-made or recycled materials

So, what does that mean? It means that we will do our very best to fulfil all four points with every brand. However, we also recognise that a lot of brands are on their own journey. This means that we will never support throwaway fast fashion, but we may choose UK produced, manmade fabric products as this keeps jobs in the UK while limiting the devastating impact of international freight on the environment; we believe in British made brands who hold strong values. We may use recycled silk, even if the initial process involved was not environmentally friendly; we believe in reusing what has already been produced. These are just two examples, many of these decisions are very difficult.

Focusing on the sustainable and ethical movement is a fundamental part for all of us to do the right thing but it is not an easy topic. This means we must deal with interdependent social, cultural, ecological and financial systems. 

We do encourage you to continue to challenge us. We need the different perspectives to move forward. Let's redefine the role of fashion in a world of changing trends, social inclusion agendas, and environmental responsibility.

Let's not shy away, after all, little by little, a little becomes a lot.

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